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SALSA Dance school

Take a salsa dance lesson with one of these instructors

A salsa dance lesson with one of these instructors will help you hone in your salsa dancing skills. You can choose to take private or group dance lessons. If you are a quick learner, private salsa lessons may be the best way to go. You will receive one on one instruction and you can progress very quickly to the next level. They are crucial if you want to progress to a professional level in the least amount of time.

Group salsa dance lessons are ideal for a casual salsa dancer. They are very affordable (Contact for prices). Partners are switched frequently which allow you to learn to dance with different people of varying dance abilities. It also prevents you from getting stuck with one person who may be having trouble. Group lessons usually have a large number of people, so sometimes individual attention may suffer. So remember to speak up and ask questions if you have one.

Jordan (teacher)

Jordan has been dancing at a very young age. He moved to the UK in 2007. He is very dedicated and passionate in dancing and he is extremely happy to share his skills and knowledge in England. Jordan is a friendly and approachable instructor, with a mission and attention to detail. He will not miss a trick, suitable for anyone who would like to be a serious salsa dancer.

Azura (assistant)

Azura have been dancing from the age of 10. She moved to the UK in 2004. Overwhelmed by European culture shock, this traditional Malay dancer took a couple to month to decide on which dancing style she should go for. She was drawn to a fun, fiery and energetic dance. Due to dedication and passion she's been dancing salsa for over 6 years and assisting for over 2 years.

Ovi (teacher)

Ovi has been dancing since he was 5 years old. He danced in WDSF, this includes 10 dances (5 Latin and 5 ballrooms). He stopped dancing in 2020 due to moveding to the UK. However, he stopped competing professionally and really enjoy teaching dancing due to his love for dance. His ambition is going to last forever in his blood. Call us now to request a lesson with Ovie.

Moe (assistant)

Moe is an enthusiastic dancer with background in Jazz and Modern dance. She started training in Japan at the age of 12 and was a member of City Academy Jazz Company in London for three years before moving to Manchester. She now absolutely loves salsa and is very passionate about teaching and enjoying dancing. Moe also likes choreographing and dancing to Michael Jackson songs so let her know if you want to learn how to moonwalk!

Justyna (assistant)

Justyna is an experienced contemporary dancer who’s honed her craft both in the UK and across Europe. Understanding the importance of versatility, she has recently been training and assisting in salsa, adding to her already vast knowledge of styles such as ballet, breakdance and oriental dance. She enjoys assisting, teaching and choreographing dance routines.

Jiyan (assistant)

Introducing Jiyan: Embarking on a dance odyssey two years ago, he has now transformed into an extraordinary assistant in 2023. Witness his dance prowess illuminating our studio. But it's not just about skill; Jiyan's welcoming persona creates an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. His unwavering dedication to his craft serves as an inspiration to all. Join us in delving deeper into Jiyan's exceptional journey, a testament to passion, hard work, and the joy of dance!