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SALSA Dance school

Welcome to Salsa freedom

Salsa can now be found all around the world. Salsa dancing is exuberant, fiery, fun, sexy and flirtatious; one of today’s most popular dancing style especially here in the UK. It attracts people all over the world with different culture, abilities and background. Learning salsa is a great way of exercising, meeting people and gives you a great expansion in your social life.

Here in Salsa Freedom, we cater classes from absolute beginners to advance dancers.
If you are a complete beginner, really fancy mastering salsa quickly and stress free, don’t look away. All you need is dedication and let us do the rest!

We believe that in order to learn salsa quickly is to swap dancing partners frequently therefore we are teaching Rueda De Casino.

Rueda De Casino or commonly called Salsa Rueda. The style of salsa that we will be teaching is Cuban; Pairs of dancers form a circle are called Rueda where everyone dances in unison and partners are switched between moves.

Why we're here

Our main goal is to share our passion and knowledge for salsa dancing to people from all ability, background and age. We would like to aim for everyone to get dancing in no time. We will always try our hardest to share all of our skills and allow you to have fun at the same time.

We provide Cuban Salsa Drop-In classes, 3 times a week, in the heart of Manchester City Centre Northern Quarters and Chorlton Cum Hardy.

Cuban salsa is a partner dance however no partner is necessary in our classes. We can challenge you as much or little depends on how you progress.